Who We Serve

Let us help you to relieve the anxiety of your customers and employees by providing them with a safe and healthy environment. We provide COVID-19 sanitizing & long-lasting disinfection of your facility.

Universities & Schools
Child and Adult Daycare
Corporations & Offices
Commercial Buildings
Real Estate Listings
Athletic Facilities
Retail Spaces
Manufacturing Facilities

Distribution Centers
Synagogues & Churches
Bars & Clubs
Banquet Facilities
Grocery Stores
Convenient Stores
Government Facilities

Healthcare Facilities
Nursing Homes
Assisted Living Facilities
Animal Hospitals
Urgent Care
Doctor & Dental Offices
Nail & Hair Salons
Fitness Centers

What Our Customers Say

“The truth is, you can’t afford not to.”

Dana Marquez, Head Equipment Manager Auburn University

“The amount of time spent on our fight against Staph and MRSA has decreased at least 20 times.”

Ted Karras, Head Coach, Football, Marion University

“It’s still working after two months… Waxie CDC is not even in the same ballpark.”

James Winchester, Services Supervisor LA Metro

Since implementation, we haven’t had a single incident [of Staph or MRSA] among our players, coaching staff, or athletic trainers.”

Thorpe Miller, Corporate Partnerships Indiana Pacers