The Warrior Alliance partners with CleanWell to support Veteran Employment.

Daniel Scruggs, Warrior Alliance alumni and one of CleanWell’s star employees.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, 11/17/2020 – The Warrior Alliance (TWA) has announced an employer sponsorship with CleanWell Services to provide veteran employment and career development.

CleanWell Services, an Atlanta, GA based company, provides services to maintain safe and healthy environments, specifically providing COVID-19 sanitizing and long-lasting facility disinfection.

Veteran unemployment skyrocketed as a result of the pandemic which impacted thousands of veterans and their families, resulting in the loss of steady income. To address the problem head-on, TWA performed an analysis of the growing population of veterans with barriers to employment and the need to fill a gap that would provide access to immediate education, training, and employment. The result of this effort is a new TWA workforce development program, called Operation Double Eagle®, which offers hope to former service members and National Guard/Reserves facing hardship and unemployment at home.

Veterans represent the best of our nation’s workforce and Operation Double Eagle provides an intensive 9-week training and education program to produce job-ready veterans. The leadership team at CleanWell Services views that hiring veterans can have a significant impact on productivity while also helping to fulfill an organization’s corporate responsibility goals.

“Our service model quires highly trained disinfecting specialists and individuals that are dedicated to delivering high quality results,” stated Jason Smith, CleanWell Services Director. “We understand that many company’s livelihood relies on the safety of their employees and customers. Our commitment to delivering to these expectations is made possible through a workforce that lives those ethos.”

When an individual enlists in the military, they are provided intensive education, training, and skills development to do their job. Service members are measured against high standards and work in teams to accomplish complex problems. A career in the military also requires consistency in performance, with a defined path for promotion based on merit and achievements that require working across a variety groups comprised of different skills, ethnicities, demographics, and cultures.

“CleanWell Services exemplifies what it means to “Be Warrior Committed,” said TWA President and CEO, Scott Johnson. “They are not only pursuing Warriors as a means of hiring, but view former Service Members as a competitive advantage in building their company and providing a higher level of service to their customers.”

About The Warrior Alliance: The Warrior Alliance mission is to help Warriors and their families achieve a fulfilling civilian life by promoting collaboration between the organizations that can support them during the transition from military service. Our vision is to establish best-in-class practices for solving veteran reintegration challenges and improving veteran quality of life by maximizing the veteran transition experience, satisfaction, and outcomes.

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