With two of Georgia’s most prominent Universities as customers, CleanWell has proven its merit as company you can trust. Professional and courteous, CleanWell’s techs are punctual and con- sistently exceed cleaning expectations. If your University facility is looking for the best in janitori- al and disinfection services, CleanWell is the answer. Our University cleaning services include the following options:

Nightly Janitorial

CleanWell’s crew arrives fresh and ready to get your facility spotless and ready for the next day. This ensures each day starts with the space cleaned to your specifications.

Monthly/Quarterly Deep Cleaning

This intensive cleaning option covers every nook and cranny of your facility. From the ceiling to the floor and everything thing in between, your facility will shine like new and make daily cleaning routines much easier.

Pressure Washing

CleanWell’s pressure washer techs are trained to make building exteriors, sidewalks, entrance and even trash areas, clean beyond comparison. A consistent pressure washing program will keep the outside of your facility as inviting as the inside.

*New this year, CleanWell is adding the latest Covid disinfection product, Monfoil®, to our pressure washing service. This will help to extend and protect your exterior environment.

Covid Disinfection Services

Our disinfection protocol uses Monofoil®, a CDC and EPA approved nanotechnology-based cleaner that sticks to surfaces for an industry-leading protection, lasting beyond 30 days. In addition to Covid, Monofoil® is effective against over 100 different strains of bacteria, fungi and viruses. CleanWell’s Monofoil® services also include:

  • Monofoil Covid Disinfection – From floor to ceiling, CleanWell will sanitize every area in your building, especially focusing on high touch surfaces
  • Monfoil HVAC Disinfection: safer and cleaner air circulation for commercial and residential locations

Paper and Trash Supplies

CleanWell can be your dependable source for paper towels, tissue and toilet paper, and trash container supplies

PPE Solutions: Proven personal protection products stocked and ready for shipment

Gloves, Masks, Hand Sanitizer, At Home Covid Tests