CleanWell has the latest training and technology to keeping your home and family safe during this pandemic Our residential cleaning services include the following options:

Covid Disinfection Services

Our disinfection protocol uses Monofoil®, a CDC and EPA approved nanotechnology-based cleaner that sticks to surfaces for an industry-leading protection. In addition to Covid, Monofoil® is effective against over 100 different strains of bacteria, fungi and viruses. CleanWell’s Monofoil® services also include:

  • Monfoil HVAC Disinfection: safer and cleaner air circulation for commercial and residential locations

Pressure Washing

CleanWell’s pressure washer techs can keep all your home’s outdoor areas clean and safe.

*New this year, CleanWell is adding the latest Covid disinfection product, Monfoil®, to our pressure washing service. This will help to extend and protect your exterior environment.

PPE Solutions: Proven personal protection products stocked and ready for shipment

Gloves, Masks, Hand Sanitizer, At Home Covid Tests